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Daily doodle of Mishy the cat
Adventures in screen printing take 002 #neversprayfromtheback #failharder
Inspired by one of my fav movies, the 5th Element
Adventures in screen printing! I took a Screen Printing class tonight at the IPRC and lets just say there were many learning opportunities #failharder
After many unsatisfactory warmups, finally it was the #uriosity of my cat spying on my behind the computer that gave me satisfactory inspiration
daily doodle of a corgi curiously contemplating the whereabouts of a tennis ball
Daily doodle of a cute curious little owl asking Hooo are you?

Skeleton stamps! A tutorial I saw a few days ago, it was such fun to make, and lots of fun to use :)
Tutorial link:
#Roller Derby is pretty popular in PDX , so inspired by them here’s today’s daily doodle.
My next print illustration I’m working on. I’m thinking about screen printing it as an 8x10 and maybe 11x17 eventually 
#earlybirdgetstheworm but I’m #sosleepy